Right technician, right material, right place, right time
Fully integrated software as a service (SaaS) to manage all Field Logistics
A full range of Transport, Storage and System assets integrated and operating 24 hours a day
Sharing economy capacity and cost leverage with unrivalled industrial strength

Delivering value and certainty

Droppoint is the only company to provide Field Logistics Services using a network of hundreds of Delivery points with in-night delivery and unique systems to help you know exactly where your stuff is.  We provide a managed service covering functions including transport, warehouse, network, inventory and systems management.

Droppoint continues to operate as normal and we are prioritising the health and safety of our people (including Customers and Suppliers) in these difficult circumstances. At this time, we have no suspected or confirmed infection of employees in our company. We have implemented and will continue to implement social distancing practices, hygiene precautions, heightened cleaning measures and work-from-home plans for our people where practical and appropriate.

We are closely monitoring state and federal government directives in respect of the definition of essential and non-essential services. Droppoint is currently included in the state and federal government definition of essential services, allowing us to continue to operate under existing lockdown provisions. We anticipate being able to continue to operate, even under a more stringent lockdown regime, based on the following:

  • We are integral in the supply chain for provision of spare parts for critical equipment
  • End markets serviced by Droppoint include; medical devices, laboratory equipment, lifts & elevators, state infrastructure (NBN), materials handling (forklift), fuel pumps etc.
  • Logistics and Transport services are classified in the definition of Essential Services

Droppoint will continue to take the advice of state and federal governments, health authorities and applicable industry bodies as the situation unfolds.  We will maintain a high degree of communication with our suppliers and customers and will update this page with new information as soon as it becomes relevant to do so.

Improve Technician Effectiveness and Efficiency

Capabilities to Make A Difference

Our model is to partner with Customers, providing a highly differentiated solution with key Capabilities including:

  • Software to manage field inventory (including spares and consumables), transport, storage and the efficiency of technicians in the field
  • A national, flexible network of conveniently located distribution and return locations (or Droppoints)
  • In-night material distribution across the country, ready for Technician’s collection early the next morning. Return are handled simply through the reverse process
  • Field logistics as an outsourced managed service, with the network, transport, people and logistics assets pre-configured and ready to go!

Cut risk and complexity

Bring Everything Together

All your Field Logisitics can be managed by us. We bring unique in-night, just-in-time transport services (including air, road, on-demand and nightly milk run services), unlimited spaces for material collection, return or despatch, unlimited warehouse space, people to implement the solution and hundreds of convenient locations. These assets sit around the heart and soul of our platform – our unique extended ERP system xERP. This highly sophisticated and integrated platform ensures everyone in the organisation from the “C” level down knows where their stuff is!

Our Clients