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The answer to field service logistics you didn't know you needed.


Droppoint was created over 20 years ago to solve the fundamental problems of field service logistics. As part of this journey we've developed a software led approach to simplify your field logistics, so you don't have to.

We specialise in crafting boutique logistics solutions supported by our custom Material Orchestration Software, using our array of carrier and storage partners to help you meet your Service Level Agreements and First time fix rate targets.

We're a small business with big ambitions to make sure you get the parts you need, on time with full visibility.

Meet the Leadership Team

Droppoint CEO Jason Flanagan

Jason Flanagan

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Jason has been working in global business leadership roles for over 20 years including sectors like telecommunications, technology, business advisory services and supply chain and logistics.

Jason is an experienced executive leader who has helped transform and grow numerous businesses, specifically working in APAC regions and territories. Jason is experienced in building global strategy departments and teams and has helped build strong processes and organisational cultures.

Jason has a MBA and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is experienced as a Sales Trainer. Jason is a sports addict both as a participant and a fan, and enjoys spending time with his family when not hopping across the country by plane.

Droppoint General Manager of Sales, Mitch Woellner

Mitch Woellner

GM Consulting strategy & Growth
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Mitch has worked across technology, public health and construction and was involved in the implementation of the NBN rollout as part of his experience for a major Australian Telecom provider. Having led a diverse career the one thing that stands out is the impact on technology to drive change and solve complex business problems, something Mitch works hard to do for Droppoint’s varied client base.

Mitch has never liked to take the boring route, having avoided undergraduate study, he jumped straight into and completed his MBA and has completed a Grad Cert in Management. Mitch is currently pursuing Law. As a part of this Mitch is an active participant in business governance.

On weekends Mitch is an all round Gridiron coaching legend, having coached local, state and national teams.

Droppoint Head of Product and Development, Shane Milne

Shane Milne

Head of product & development
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Shane has over 20 years’ experience working in the product and technology space across key public sector industries including utilities, healthcare, aged care, and corrections. Shane worked on the introduction of smart meters for clients including Sydney Water, providing real time visibility on water usage highlighting things like leak detection and smart water management.

After overseeing field service teams deploying and installing smart metering  across Australia, Shane understands the need for efficiency, whilst also having visibility on inventory in the field. Problems with inventory oversight led Shane to Droppoint. Having seen first-hand Droppoint’s solution in the field, Shane made the shift to Droppoint as the Product Manager and hasn’t looked back, focused on building MOS out as a vital tool for field service teams to understand inventory use and visibility.

When not at work Shane can be found on a cold soccer field or hitting the beaches for nippers with his 3 boys.

Droppoint General Manager of Service Delivery and Infrastructure, Matt Norton

Matt Norton

GM Solutions, implementations & strategic partners
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Matt has over 25 years’ experience in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Having started in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) environment in the UK, Matt focused on purchasing, production planning and logistics in a short shelf-life category.

Having emigrated to Australia Matt joined Droppoint to focus on implementations and strategic partners, working specifically on developing Droppoint’s integrated
In-Night delivery service building the network through effective supplier partnering. Matt has successfully expanded Droppoint’s service offerings across transport and inventory management. Matt currently leads the Implementations team to ensure Droppoint is providing a quality experience for its customers as they roll out new services with Droppoint.

Matt enjoys spending time with his daughters (generally shopping), cycling, and walking his dog.

Meet Your Consulting Team

Mark Asquith, Customer Success Manager at Droppoint

Mark Asquith

Customer success manager
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Mark has worked at Droppoint for the better part of 5 years. Across the course of his time with the company his role has been varied, including working in the Customer Support Team and Account Management before moving up to a Consultant Role.

Mark’s experience in a range of roles, allows him to bring a customer centric approach, making him a big favourite with key Droppoint partners. Mark completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resources Management at UOW. This course of study has assisted Mark to build a personable approach to servicing Droppoint customers.

Outside of the office, Mark can be found on a sports field, playing golf and cricket in the summer, and pushing through his last few years of Rugby in the winter – almost time to retire (from the sport that is).

Dan Hughes, Customer Success Manager at Droppoint

Dan Hughes

customer success manager
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Dan has a strong background in relationship management and working in consultation with clients to provide effective solutions. With experience in the FMCG and Fin-Tech industries, Dan’s diverse professional background has encouraged strong business acumen and a unique analytical framework with which to examine problems.  

Dan has previously worked on the road in a service capacity and this exposure has driven keen insight into the challenges faced by Field Service Technicians daily. Graduating with a BA (Politics and Philosophy), Dan has let his career be driven by curiosity and a constant drive to not be stuck in a 'boring' job. Droppoint has definitely fulfilled this brief, and he loves working in the fast moving environment of Field Service Logistics.  

When he is not working, Dan enjoys playing music (badly), drinking delicious coffee and long walks on the beach with his dog.

Where it all began.

EST 2003.
Droppoint was founded in 2003.

There was a gap in field services delivery. The founders realised that field logistics movements were inefficient.They set out to create a solution that put field services at the heart of the logistics equation and built a PUDO network that met the needs of this industry.
2014 Business grows to 20.
By 2014 the business had grown to over 20 employees and we had. brought on a number of big organisations including TKE and Coca Cola.
2019 Business moves to Innovation Campus.
In 2019 the business had officially outgrown it's headquarters in Kiama and had moved to the Innovation Campus in Wollongong, the heart of a modern tech movement in Wollongong.
2020 launch of sendspaces.
Droppoint launches Sendspaces - a managed service space for parts forward stocking and inventory management, making it easier for clients to forward stock areas that had difficulty storing or managing inventory.
Droppoint launches our new and improved Materials Orchestration System. Our custom software designed to manage field service logistics from distribution all the way through to field use.

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