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Our Material Orchestration System
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Make the most of your existing systems.

With Droppoint's MOS™ Software, we can connect your existing systems and put all your information in one place. Simplify your processes with our Managed Logistics Solution. We take the hard work out of managing your parts, spaces and transportation through our PUDO network, underpinned by MOS™. Improve your field service technicians productivity and inventory management.

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Software to support Logistics and Inventory Managers

Make the most of your systems

Secure Cloud Base System

Full visibility and control of costs, jobs, inventory and people.

Integrate with your existing ERP System

Customised to meet your specific business needs and SLAs

Material Orchestration Tracking Screen

At a glance reports to keep you on track

We keep you on track with at a glance reporting on your dashboard and in depth tabular reporting on all your systems, deliveries and parts through our additional reporting module.

Make it easy to see what is happening in your network.

Material Orchestration System Reporting

Visibility of your parts and inventory

Make it easy to track your parts, inventory and catalogue, all in one place.

Our reporting allows you to understand where your inventory is, consumables, and replenishment requirements. Make it easy to understand where your inventory costs are sitting, and where you may have over stocked as well as your stock allocation by technician.

Parts Catalogue shot in MOS

Software to support yourWarehouse

Make it easy for your warehouse team to get necessary parts to your field service team or network.

Create easy manifests

Simplify consignment and manifest creation.

Consign to technicians

Consign directly to the technician at their preferred location.

Track parts, not parcels

Track to the part level, not just the parcels, so you know exactly where your parts are.

Simple quote generation

Pick the service that suits your requirements, and consign directly.

Make changes easily

Technician out sick? Simply adjust who collects the parcel.

Inventory management

Easy to see what has been consumed and set automated parts re-ordering.

Simple invoice management

Easily view and download your invoices through MOS finance.

Stock reporting

Make it easy to see if your meeting inventory needs with custom reporting and oversight.
Image of the Droppoint MOS app

Make it easy for your field service team.

Our Field Service Technician App is designed for your in field service team.

Available from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Parts Tracking and Notifications
Technicians can easily see where all their parts parcels are up to.
Technician based delivery locations
Get your parcels delivered directly to your work site or a convenient home location
Simple User Interface
Easy to use with no detailed training required. Our simple interface is designed for techs on the go.
Secure Parcel collection
Droppoint locations are available 24/7 and are all secure, only accessible with a Droppoint digital ID
Easy click to collect for parcels
Simple and fast to collect your parcels from the Droppoint location - simply open the notification and click to collect.
Easy ordering and parts visibility
See part locations for easy and fast access to the parts you need. Select delivery from the closest location to you.


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