An enduring partnership between Droppoint and Konica Minolta

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Konica Minolta
As a print production and technology company, Konica Minolta services a huge range of machines with business-critical SLAs across Australia. Konica Minolta is one of Droppoints earliest service adopters, having worked with Droppoint to support them since the early 2000's.
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Konica Minolta is a complex and long-standing customer ofDroppoint, in fact, one of our foundational customers – since mid 2000’s. As a print production and technology company, Konica Minolta services a huge range of machines with business-critical SLA’s across Australia.

 Some of Konica Minolta’s SLA’s include same day fixes in under four hours for their customers who rely on functional equipment to run their businesses. Droppoint is there to make sure Konica Minolta’s technicians have the right parts on hand to get print production up and running for Konica Minolta’s customers.


Konica Minolta works out of a single NSW based national distribution centre.

Large numbers of SKU’s and Consumables.

“We require a premium service partner to make sure our spare parts get out to the required locations and technicians pre-8 am.  Droppoint makes that happen”. - Bashir Mourad

Fast Turn  Around SLA’s

Spare parts requires an extremely high level of service thatKonica Minolta are required to provide to their customer base.

A machine down in a print business is critical; they have tightSLA’s with their customers, e.g for production print machine’s they must respond within a short timeframe. Due to this urgency, Konica Minolta relies onDroppoint’s unique Pre 8 Next Day service to ensure customer SLA’s are met.

It’s business critical that we have the parts at the right time for technicians to be able to make those fixes. - Bashir Mourad

Konica Minolta have contractual SLA’s that mean they are highly dependent on Droppoint’s service to reach their clients within agreed times. It’s a necessity that spare parts be on time. Konica Minolta work with their technicians and engineers to try and predict quantities of spare parts for each area based on machines in the region, commonalities in parts required and some predictive analytics work.

Konica Minolta have a high utilisation of spare parts and thousands of machines in the field that we service, so ensuring parts are available when required is imperative.

"Anything that’s urgent goes with Droppoint – we specifically use air freight and road express as well as the pre-8 am delivery service into the technicians’ locations." - Bashire Mourad

Forward Stocking Locations

 Konica Minolta have 29 Droppoint managed forward stocking locations around the country which are mainly designed to manage bulkier items and stock that isn’t necessarily needed as regularly as consumables and van stock.

Each forward stocking location has its own requirements.

Using Droppoint, Konica Minolta can integrate Droppoint’sMOS system with their Freight Management System and ERP – it ties into the existing systems and processes and gives us a complete view of inventory in forward stocking locations to get parts to technicians quickly and efficiently from their closest forward stocking location.

"Having forward stocking locations allows us to get stock out for urgent orders or more specific stock locations where we have certain types of equipment – they differ in size and requirements based on the technician and customer requirements." - Bashir Mourad


Konica Minolta are one of Droppoint’s longest partners. They were an early adopter and saw huge benefit from implementing Droppoint spare parts network for technicians.

With a solution that effectively manages their last mile delivery and gets parts to technicians to meet very tight and business criticalSLA’s, Konica Minolta have utilised Droppoint as a valuable partner for over a decade, and regularly come to Droppoint for growth solutions as they continue to meet clients needs across the country.

"Droppoint are known across the industry as the experts in this space. There is no one else out there that specialises in the same waythat Droppoint does – in managing the process of getting spare parts to technicians out in the field."


KonicaMinolta are one of Droppoint’s oldest and most valued partners. They have been utilisingthe value that Droppoint provides for over a decade and have seen huge success withDroppoint managing the material orchestration of parts out into the field whenand where they are needed to meet strict SLA’s.  

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