We believe that certain principles are constant in the global Field Service industry – namely that Field Service is defined by each event made up of the customers equipment or asset, the technician and the materials required for construction, installation or repair. The challenge is to complete the job quickly, with the right material and therefore exceed customer expectations. We meet this challenge by designing, implementing and integrating services – Know, Manage and Move

Know, Move and Manage Materials for Field Service


Traditional company approaches to Field Service include building internal capabilities to gather and interpret data largely kept in silos by the transport operator, the operations group, the inventory group, the procurement group and the management group. It’s complicated even writing this in a sentence! We insist these different constituents can best deliver value if they are operating over the same information base. Importantly, that information is synthesised through advanced analytics to provide answers to questions at the Technician, Team, City, State, Function, Division or Company levels. The service is delivered through rapid implementation of our Azure cloud based system integrated with your ERP and our Network assets.

One fact base for Enterprise decisions


Write-off’s, overstocking, stock outs and finger pointing contribute to more than 20% of total costs associated with Field Service operations. Managing Field inventory unlocks at least 50% cost improvements with a comprehensive approach. Our service delivers tangible Field Service inventory reductions and significantly improves profit. In conjunction with the experts in your business, we can benchmark existing assets and processes and identify integrated inventory, systems and assets (flexible pay-as-you-go warehousing) to significantly improve your company’s profit. We can operate that infrastructure for a simple subscription price, eliminating inefficiencies and risk for your company.

Cut inventory and improve first time fix


Traditionally, transport and freight have been considered depot to depot activities. Rigid schedules and “low” unit costs. Our services incorporate several principles into the materials movement strategy:

  • The movement event ends with the part used or returned
  • Density in delivery is the enabler of efficiency
  • Sending and return are part of the same cycle
  • All stakeholders need to be kept informed in real time
  • The time to deliver needs to include tonight and tomorrow night
  • Commodity transport (next day and road freight) has a role
  • Materials movement and inventory management are deeply connected
  • Movement costs are a small percentage of the FS cost equation (so how movement influences the big cost items is key)
  • Recycling or repairing must be auditable

Droppoint provides a unique and complete set of just in time services, leveraging tonight, tomorrow night, short and long-range duration all fully integrated for communicating status to the stakeholders in the event. Our pricing is flexible and can be as simple as one regular payment indexed against destination and weight.