Through our fully integrated software as a service we automate the service event, ensuring the right technician and right material are at the right place at the right time. Providing logistics as a service through integrating a range of assets 24 hours a day to ensure your customers receive the right service outcome.

Know everything relating to the service event


Droppoint’s single platform unites all aspects of the service event, the asset, the technician and the materials required to complete the job. We know what part you need where and when and the best way to deliver it. Through our understanding of all the inputs we can increase your efficiency and drive improvements in your field service profitability and with an increased visibility you can make informed decisions on what works best for your company. We ensure your customer achieves a successful service outcome and that your business continues to grow.

Manage Inventory to deliver profit


Too often inventory is ignored, often at great cost to the business. Technicians fulfilling logistics functions and a lack of transparency on the movement of parts can lead to excess storage, missing parts, and parts being in the wrong place. Droppoint can deliver huge savings through inventory reduction and working capital benefits year on year, whilst increasing transparency of movements and enabling automated reordering. Our smart technology leverages demand forecasting to ensure you field service technicians have the inventory they need whenever they need it.

Continuum of services tailored to your needs


By integrating with sharing economy assets and traditional networks we are capable of ensuring all service levels outbound and return can be met, including our unique in-night delivery. Moving all material requirements to the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. Droppoint’s ROCX platform integrates with any 3rd party supplier, so our single platform can transparently route all your orders, regardless of how they are shipped. Using one system will have a great effect on efficiency and remove human error.