Some things will never change in Field Service – every job (construction, installation or repair) will include a Technician, a Customer’s device (asset) and parts or materials to remedy / prevent a fault.

Your challenge is to complete the job quickly, with the right material and deliver above exception experiences for your Customers.

Our challenge is to take the hassle, worry and risk out of this process.

One System for your Field Logistics


Droppoint’s x ERP system sits across our distributed transport and network assets, automating processes and providing visibility into your Service operations. The system is provider agnostic, meaning you get the full picture. You can gain insights and know what is going on at the Technician, Team, City, State, Function, Division or Company levels. Importantly you can track the service costs and benefits down to the smallest part. Because our systems are Cloud based (Azure platform), with ready interfaces to most ERP systems, we can get you going quickly without the usual cost associated with implementing systems.

National Network for Technician Efficiency


Droppoints are the heart and nerve system of our approach to Field Logistics. We believe our Droppoint Network unrivaled for Technician convenience, security and density. Each Droppoint allows the intelligent and secure transaction of materials. Typically they operate in petrol stations, convenience stores or locker banks (DropPods). The flexibility and reach of our network means that Technicians get their materials where they needed (saving time and cutting operating costs). If you need to store a lot, or a little inventory we can manage materials in flexible spaces anywhere. These spaces, which can be full or self service, can be connected to our on-demand courier to get the material wherever it is needed just in time.

Just in Time distribution and return


Droppoint “Move” services distribute and return materials with precision. We largely deliver “in-night” (+1, +2 +3), a service unique to Droppoint and ideal for most Service companies. We also have the standard express parcel and pallet services available for applicable industries. The end result is more choice – Customers pay for the service they need at the lowest unit cost for that service. All transport spending is classified, analysed and reported at the push of a button.

Returns work in exactly the same way – automatically routing to repair, recycle or re-stock locations anywhere.

Simplify and get lean on inventory


Droppoint’s Managed Service provides systems, transport, network, warehouses, and people to make the whole thing work. By implementing Droppoint our customers can re-purpose resources, simplify operations and better plan and manage inventory. Our service delivers tangible Field Service inventory reductions. Together with your people we can plan and implement a bespoke solution that is world class. We can operate that infrastructure for a simple subscription price, simplifying administration and lowering risk of your Company.