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Looking down elevator shaft of a modern office building

Lifting lift companies

When elevators fail, the maintenance work renders them unavailable for a combined total of 190 million hours each year! Elevator manufacturers want to reduce unscheduled breakdowns to zero and minimise the time they are out of service during
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Finger pushing touchscreen

Driven by innovation

Droppoint recognises the value of innovation in responding to the ever-evolving needs of our customers and we’re constantly expanding our National Droppoint Network. With support from GE Healthcare Australia, we have developed a Smart Locker which
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Rollout of NBN across Australia

Enabling NBN Network Rollout

The NBN rollout has revolutionised business in Australia, with the Droppoint service helping to make it a reality. We were able to provide NBN Australia a solution to resolve physical and cost constraint, allowing NBN rollout to 12 million
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Warehouse with shelving containing packages

Automating stock

Reducing warehouse cost and the need for large inventory is a necessity for many of our customers. Our automated reorder process makes this a reality as you will always have the stock you need without the high overheads. Our smart technology
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Virgin airplane taking off from airport

Working with the best

We operate in partnership with the most reputable logistic start-up and globally recognised transport companies to simplify your field service logistics. As a Droppoint customer you get access to the best resources and the latest cutting-edge
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Person scrolling through mobile phone in street

Visibility is the key to success

Having full visibility of parts increases the productivity of the field service team and improves customer service. Our TECX app puts the information at the technician’s fingertips. Wherever they are, field service technicians can view the nearest
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Earth movers digging rocks in quarry

Achieving the impossible

When working in remote areas it can be difficult to have access to heavy stock without costly warehouse set-up. Droppoint’s network of secure sites Australia wide has eliminated the need for a new warehouse, reducing both cost and production time.
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Business person scrolling through tablet with graphs appearing in front

Visibility of parts

Using our personalised web portal Droppoint customers can track and trace parcels from manifest to delivery and collection. Droppoint technology sends SMS and email notifications to technicians on dispatch and delivery into Droppoint outlets so they
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Monotone image of cars on highway in blur

Seamless connections

Integration between Droppoint’s ROCX platform and a customer’s ERP and WMS system provides you with benefits at multiple levels. ROX integrates with all major transport companies, which means this single platform can transparently route all your
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