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Excellent service for Konica Minolta

About Konica Minolta Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia is a market leading provider of integrated print hardware and software solutions that constantly transforms the business environment. The Challenge With clients all over Australia, and
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Perfect service for KONE

Reliability is paramount to KONE. With hundreds of service technicians across Australia, getting spare parts out to the field quickly and efficiently is a huge job. KONE turned to Droppoint to help deliver the optimal service model they wanted.
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Otis employee in elevator shaft

Helping OTIS be the best

Efficiency is very important to OTIS as they want to deliver the best possible service to their customers. The system they were using required the routes and carriers selection to be done manually, which was very slow. Working with Droppoint they
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BSH streamlines service

BSH Home Appliances Australia have recently streamlined their spare parts delivery service for Field Service Technicians with Droppoint, enabling faster turnaround times for customer repairs.
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People sitting in group speaking about partnerships

Partnership with Armitage

As part of our commitment to innovation and growth we have formed a new partnership with strategic equity investment company Armitage Associates. Droppoint’s vision and values remain clear and strong, Armitage’s investment enables improved
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Time lapsed road

Just In Time

We deliver spare parts out into the field where they are needed and just in time. This saves money as items aren’t always sent in the most costly way and it reduces the need for expensive storage and inventory. Droppoint customers can have
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Return and Recycle

Is your business striving for zero to landfill? We don’t just get your parts to you, we also take care of the returns. Your field service technicians can drop off returns at any of Droppoint’s 24/7 outlets. According to your preference we can
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Contractor winding up NBN cabling

No need to leave the job site

Do you want to keep your technicians on site? We’ve got you covered. Droppoint can deliver urgent spare parts directly to your technician’s location within 2-4 hours so they don’t have to leave the customer site. Through our TECX app, the
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In-night delivery

Losing hours of productivity whilst your technicians drive to collect parts? Droppoint’s in-night delivery service means our clients can have their parts ready for collection at a convenient spot near them the very next day! Spare parts are
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