Helping OTIS be the best
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Helping OTIS be the best

Otis employee in elevator shaft

About OTIS

OTIS move billions of people a day world-wide and in Australia and is responsible for a seamless 24/7 operation of elevators and moving walkways across the country. Dedicated to groundbreaking technology, OTIS put people at the centre of everything they do. They are committed to offer the highest levels of personalised service, delivered by their expert mechanics.

The Challenge

Efficiency is very important to OTIS as they want to deliver the best possible service to their customers. The system they were using required the routes and carriers selection to be done manually, which was very slow. They had mechanics travelling up to two hours to collect parts and there was no tracking or reporting available. OTIS needs a streamlined approach to improve efficiency.

The Experience

“Droppoint worked with us to create a new system to automatically route orders. This has reduced travel time, removed a slow manual process and also given us visibility of our parts. Their national network of convenient collection points has made it much easier for our mechanics to collect parts. and has saved hours on unproductive drive time. This means our mechanics are able to complete more jobs and spend more time completing as job which has resulted in a higher first-time fix rate.

The integration between Droppoint’s ROCx platform and our logistics system furthered the efficiency as it allows all orders to be routed automatically by selecting the best carrier available to deliver the parts. Removing this manual process from the warehouse staff has reduced human error, increased efficiency and resulted in better tracking and streamlined invoicing. Mechanics always know where their spare parts are through the TECx mobile app.

Droppoint really took the time to understand our key requirements and the importance of customer service to OTIS. Anybody can come in and claim they can reduce your spare part logistical costs, but to do that whilst improving our systems and customer service outcomes isn’t easy, and that is exactly what they did. Droppoint’s state managers came into our local sites to provide comprehensive training to everyone in the field. They made great efforts to understand our employees’ needs and were very responsive to enquires and questions.

Our technicians love the Droppoint network because it saves them endless hours of being stuck in traffic.”

Our partnership with Droppoint has facilitated our efforts in maintaining our innovative edge and fostered a strong culture of continuous improvement and efficiency. OTIS has benefitted significantly from the adoption of Droppoint solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Automated route and carrier selection eliminating manual process
  • Service improvement for our customers
  • Cost efficiencies across our logistics and service functions

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