Excellent service for Konica Minolta
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Excellent service for Konica Minolta

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About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia is a market leading provider of integrated print hardware and software solutions that constantly transforms the business environment.

The Challenge

With clients all over Australia, and customer service paramount, Konica Minolta needed to keep the cost of logistics in check whilst delivering the same excellent service to their expanding customer base.

The well-being of environment and society is at the heart of Konica Minolta’s management philosophy

The Experience

“Droppoint have a real passion for parts distribution and are willing to invest time and effort with resources across their business to help develop the most suitable solution. You are not limited to a boxed solution; and naturally this flexibility allows the development of a tailored solution that can be continuously improved in partnership.

Since 2010, our partnership with Droppoint has enabled our field service technicians to almost eliminate the need to travel extensive distances to collect spare parts. We are focused on excelling in service delivery and continually challenging how we do this. Droppoint is geared in the same way and this makes them an ideal partner who supports us in developing compelling solutions for our business and customers.

Previously we were sending out all our parts through the same logistics channel, but Droppoint helped us differentiate between our urgent and replenishment parts requirements to take advantage of lower cost delivery options. All our parts still arrived when they are required and on time, so there was no impact to our customers.

The Droppoint mobile app has been an invaluable addition for our field service team, allowing a much higher level of visibility of orders so the field service technicians can see where the parts are, perform stocktakes, scan pickups and organise returns on their mobile device.  

Once the solution was implemented, Droppoint continued to work closely with us to ensure we were making the most of the technology available and to ensure we met our targets.

All of these changes were implemented without impacting our customers. They still get the same great service and we successfully reduced our costs. Droppoint really are the essential solution for field service needs.” Ahmad Hammoud, Senior Manager – Operations & Process Improvement

Key Benefits

  • Technician drive time has been reduced, efficiency has increased
  • Spare parts delivered just in time for collection, avoiding wasted expense
  • Increased visibility of spare parts
  • A solution that is more cost-effective and customer-responsive

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