Perfect service for KONE
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Perfect service for KONE

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About KONE

KONE provides industry leading eco-efficient elevators, escalators, automatic doors and access, as well as innovative solutions for maintenance and modernisation. They pride themselves on their deep understanding of both equipment and customer needs – ensuring customer’s existing equipment is kept running safely, smoothly and reliably throughout its lifetime.

The Challenge

Reliability is paramount to KONE. With hundreds of service technicians across Australia, getting spare parts out to the field quickly and efficiently is a huge job. Slow deliveries of parts at inconvenient locations kept the technicians on the road and away from customers and KONE were unable to deliver the optimal service model they wanted.

The Experience

“Droppoint have provided us with a solution that was perfect for our service requirements. We decided to trial the service in Sydney first, mapping out over 100 service technicians and identifying locations close to their work sites where they could collect spare parts.

We have also made use of the X-town service, which delivers urgent spare parts to the Droppoint, so our technicians can keep working on the job. The technology Droppoint provide means we can track the parts with real time GPS tracking, this allows our technicians to make the most of their time as they know exactly when a part will be arriving.

The trial in Sydney was a huge success and we have since implemented a national rollout.  Not only have Droppoint simplified our field service, but they are an enabler to optimise supply chain cost and speed and as a result have improved job satisfaction of our service technicians.” Cliff Pasnin, Parts Supply Manager

Key Benefits

  • Reduced drive time
  • Urgent spare parts delivery to the worksite within 2 to 4 hours
  • Visibility of spare parts
  • Improved customer service

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