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Case Study: Optimising Performance for Ricoh

Discover how Ricoh were able to streamline inventory distribution and optimise field servicing operations using the power of materials orchestration.

Ricoh case study front cover with headline 'Streamlinin field service operations and optimising performance' and image of a technician fixing a printer.

Ricoh are a leading provider of workplace assets, committed to connecting people, processes, and technology. With hundreds of client sites across Australia, getting parts out to the field quickly was essential for efficient asset servicing and repairs.

Yet legacy systems and technology were creating multiple challenges across the business and preventing the Ricoh team from delivering the best for their customers. Not only was the distribution of parts slow and unreliable, poor inventory control and visibility was having an enormous impact on profits.

Read the case study to find out how Droppoint worked closely with the Ricoh team to incorporate robust solutions end-to-end that streamlined operations, increased productivity, and help deliver an estimated $2.7M savings per year.

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