You aren’t at home and neither are your customers

Re-deliveryNo doubt, you already have strategies in place to ensure your customers’ customers receive their anticipated purchases first time.

Based on our experience, networks like Droppoint provide an effective and convenient redelivery and alternate delivery address solution for transport companies looking to maintain high 1st time home delivery rates.
With Generation Y making way for Generation Z, consumer demand is changing. Consumers expect parcel delivery to match other parallel consumption experiences (Uber, Dominos Pizza and the like). They want and expect it their way!!Droppoint is constantly looking to meet next generation demand. How to avoid delivery to home for the growing percentage who want delivery first time? How to modernise communication with consumers? What service drives out cost from the process of delivering and collecting parcels? What service makes a difference to collection rates (reducing the time to collection)? What service targets the shipping needs of Australia & New Zealand’s growing C2C, B2C segments? Droppoint does!
Whether you currently use redelivery or alternate address services or not, I would value a discussion to share our ideas and how we might collaborate to meet demand, exceed customer expectations and potentially lead new shipping and delivery services.

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