Reducing Total Cost of Service without damaging Quality of Service


Service costs include obvious expenses, such as Staff, Logistics and Management. Reducing total cost of Service without compromising the quality of Service, is an issue faced by many companies.

Droppoint has found that making improvements to the way spare parts are delivered can significantly decrease the total cost of Service, while improving quality of Service by offering improved SLAs, with Technicians being on the job earlier in the day and being able to do more jobs per day. Particularly targeting hidden costs of Service that are often forgotten, can lead to an overall reduction.

We implement a solution, through which our clients receive parts in-night, before 8am the next day, to delivery and pick up points close to Service technician’s homes or work areas. This leads to further savings, such as vehicle running costs, reduction of tolls and no time wasted driving to the warehouse. The Just in Time nature of the the Service leads to significant reductions in Van Stock.

Other obvious benefits include transparency and simplicity throughout the supply chain with added integrated systems and dedicated IT resources.

All in all, implementing a more agile and progressive solution leads to a reduction of the Total Cost of Service, while also improving productivity and reiterating customer focus.

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