Droppoint is Moving!

Manning Street, Kiama

Droppoint’s business growth in the last year has been enormous. New business opportunities and product diversification have led to continuous improvement of our services and the journey is just starting.

With a large number of new talent joining the company, we have outgrown our old offices and are moving to a new building in Kiama, NSW. A historic landmark of the city, the CBC

building on Manning Street (see picture on the left) was built in 1880 based on the design of Mansfield Bros.. A Permanent Conservation Order was placed over the property on 17 July 1981.

The building has been home to the CBC Bank, solicitors and the local newspaper.

The cultural heritage of the building and its significance to the local townscape will shape Droppoint’s dynamic work environment and goes hand in hand with the company values – loyalty, initiative, integrity and respect.

Rumours have it that the ghost of a former resident still inhabits the building. We will keep you posted on sightings.

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