Disruptive Supply Chain Models

DisruptionIn today’s economy businesses are struggling to meet increasing customer demand at reasonable prices.

Today’s consumer demands low prices and superior customer service and is not willing to compromise. For companies this generally means a constant search for productivity savings and lowering costs in every area of the business – without trading off customer service.

Companies with field workforces often follow traditional supply chain models that simply are not suitable for this environment. Technicians regularly spend too much time driving and chasing parts, instead of focusing on high value activities such as completing services and meeting face-to-face with the client. This results in lost productivity and higher than necessary costs. Often Technicians will carry an excessive amount of van stock and inventory costs are through the roof.

To counteract this phenomenon and be ahead of economic trends, a more disruptive and flexible solution is necessary. By following a more innovative approach, customer service can be improved via first time-fix, while also reducing stock carried in vans and Technician drive time. A disruptive solution far from the traditional models, Droppoint offers in-night delivery that eliminates many issues in traditional supply chain models, while also providing a range of technology, professional services and reverse logistics options.

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